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Keep Calm and Play Hay Day!

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date icon Date 2024-06-16

The Hay Day private server apk provides a special area for game lovers. The gameplay remains the same but the rules change. Only those players can play inside who are using it. It has no link to the official company. You will get a lot of additional features aside from the original game. The difficulty of the game has also been modified to make it tougher so that you can enjoy it a lot more.

hay day private server apk for android

When you’ll play inside, you’ll get a lot of edge over the normal one just like the Hay Day mod apk. The only difference is that this one work with a separate private server, the exact one you’re demanding. For your safety, it is recommended to always play with a separate account.

Private Server Features

There are a lot of features that distinguish the Hay Day private server apk from the normal. Here are some:


Custom Content

The original game contains crops, animals and buildings. They are mostly unlocked at a certain level and require money to be unlocked and upgraded. Their efficiency and usability also depend on the game.

However, in our Hay Day private server, you’ll get custom crops, animals, buildings, decorations and a custom storyline. All of these are very well-designed and bug-free. You will enjoy it a lot; in fact more than the original game.


Modified Mechanics

The game has its own rules such as the there are separate decorations for the farm and the shop. You can not apply the farm decoration to your riverside shop and it should not be, In my opinion. Similarly, there are specific game currencies in the game including coins and diamonds. You can not use coins always.

The private server has its own rules and regulation. There are a lot of added decorations for farms and towns. It also has altered the currency used in the game. Let’s install the game and explore on your own.


Custom Events & Activities

There are events in Hay Day for a specific time. When a player won the event, rewards are given such as diamonds, boosters and vouchers. Events can be both global and seasonal. Seasonal events are mostly time-limited such as on New Year and only last a few days a week or so. In Global events, player combine with each other and have to achieve goals together.

In Hay Day private server, there are special missions, tournaments and in-game celebrations that you’ll really enjoy.


Customized Difficulty

The game has around 800 Levels. The game gets harder as levels increases. In earlier levels, you get a lot of items as a reward when your level up. But once you reach a certain level, you get no prize and you have to unlock the items with your own balance. This makes it difficult for those who are not experts. And there is no option to customize the difficulty of the game.

But when you play in a private server, you can customize the difficulty. You’ll have 4 options; easy, medium, hard and very hard. This makes it easy to play based on your skill. Still, you will proceed to the next levels and unlock items. In fact, you’ll enjoy the game as you were in the original Hay Day.


Modified in-game Items

When you clear a level you get rewards. These rewards can be in the form of coins, diamonds and decorations. You may also get farm animals. Once you get them, you can unlock them with the coins. These rewards are fixed. For example, when you level up from Level 20. You get 110 coins.

But these rewards amount is changed in Hay Day private server. It depends on the level of difficulty you have selected for the game. If you’ve selected an easy difficulty you will get more coins and less if you’re on a harder difficulty. This is made to give players maximum customization and control over the game.

Hay Day Private Server Apk Installation

It takes not more than 2 minutes to get the game on your Android phone. You can follow these quick steps:

  • First of all, download the file using the downloaded button on the page.
  • As the file gets downloaded, simply install it by clicking on it. You would be able to play as it’ll install.
  • Sometimes, the browsers do not have access to install the downloaded files, So you have to enable unknown sources installations.
  • To do this, Go to your Android settings and search for “Unknown Source Install”. Tap on it once you found. Navigate to the browser and enable access. Go back to the downloaded file and install it.


Having the limited coins and levels unlocked is always a concern for lovers. This, makes the game challenging, time taking and boring. It is always a good idea to sometime play the Hay Day as you want to. For this, you can try our private server of Hay Day. It contains an unlimited amount of currency and locked items unlocked already. You’ll be playing with those who are using this Hay Day private server only.

The private server is with the security and safety of the player’s account in mind. However, your account might be banned. So it is always a good idea to use it with a separate account only. This will make you more secure.

In terms of its operation, it is 100% working and virus free. You will never be disappointed and your mobile device will remain secure. It works on normal android devices, no rooting or jailbreaking is required.


We have taken all the safety measures to avoid this. But it is still possible. So it is recommended to log in with the new account.

Yes, It is tested and found to be working on multiple android devices. We do not upload files without testing.

Last Updated: June 14, 2024