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How to Get Gift Cards in Hay Day?

Last Updated: March 20, 2023

Since you’ve spent your time helping other farmers, they will thank you for your effort in the form of a gift card. You may find them in the mailbox when they arrive. Alfred delivers gift cards once a day.

How to get gift cards in Hay Day

Gift cards are very useful. If you run out of diamonds or supplies, you can simply use gift cards to buy mystery packages. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get your desired item or the one you need.

2 Ways to Get Gift Cards

As the name suggests, these are the cards given by your friends or other people in the game community. When you help them for example in reviving trees or filling cargo. In Exchange for the help, they send you Gift Card.

It is important to note that you can only get 7 Gift Cards per day. There are two methods to get Gift Cards. One is to help other players revive their trees and bushes and the second method is to load the cargo.


Method 1 of 2:

Filling Boat Orders

By helping your friends with their boat orders, you can receive Gift Cards. Click on the “friends icon” in the bottom-right corner.  

friends icon in hay day

Tap on the friend’s farm to go there.

friends who needs help in hay day

Look around for the type of help your friends need. If its boat helps, you may find an exclamation point on a crate near the boat. Tap on the crate.

Finding crate with exclamation mark

Fill the crate with the required item and wait for the gift card.

Loading cargo


Method 2 of 2:

Reviving Trees and Bushes

Reviving other farmers’ trees and bushes is a convenient way to get gift cards. In the game, tap on the “friends icon” in the bottom-right corner.

Friends icon in hay day

Tap on the help sign and you’ll see all of the friends that want help. Tap on their farm.

Friends who needs help in hay day

Now look for trees and bushes with exclamation marks. Trees with the exclamation marks show that the farm owner asked for help.

Finding trees with exclamation mark in the farm

Simply tap on the exclamation mark and the tree will be revived. You’ll also notice that the tree colour will also turn green. The farm owner will soon reward you for that help.

Reviving a tree in hay day

Now go back to your farm by tapping the home button in the bottom-left corner.

Going back to my farm

You may see the gift card in the letterbox once it gets delivered.

What to do with Gift Cards?

Gift Cards can be used to purchase Mystery Packages from the catalogue. Mystery packages are a very reliable way to get a lot of diamonds and other items. There are 4 types of Mystery Packages: Small, Medium, Large and Mystery Deco Packages. The amount of reward depends on the type of Mystery Package.

Small and Medium Mystery Packages in Catalogue

How to Know Who Needs help?

In order to get gift cards, you need to help other farmers complete their tasks. Owners of farms assign help by flagging tasks. The farmer who is in need of help is in the exclamation mark section of your friends menu. You can also find them in daily dirt.

Items with exclamation marks can be found on his farm. By tapping on the mark, you can complete the task and you’ll receive a Thank You letter with a gift card.

How many Gift Cards can I hold?

As you know Gift Cards are inside the thank you letters that you receive from other farmers. It is up to the farmer whether to attach a gift card.

You can receive 30 thank you letters per day with a maximum of seven gift cards. No more than that!

The cover of the catalogue shows how many gift cards you currently have.

There is a limit of 40 gift cards at a time. You cannot collect more gift cards once you have 40. To collect more, you need to spend them.

Gift Card Limit

This does not mean stopping assistance to farmers when the limit is exceeded. Keep spending the gift cards instead and helping your friends, and you will continue to receive them. 

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