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Hay Day revolves around the concept of farming. The farm is the place where most of the time is spent. There are other playable areas as well. These include valley and town but the main concept of the game remains the same. Valley and Town give an opportunity to gain a lot of currency rewards such as coins, diamonds and XP Points. 

On the farm, you grow crops, feed farm animals and at the end make products in production buildings. These products then can be sold. While in Town you have to serve visitors that come into the town. To serve them, you send them to your service buildings which include Grocery Store or a Gift Shop. You can serve them the item they are requesting for. They may ask for bread from the grocery store or a blanket from a Gift shop.

hay day pc

Playing the Hay Day apk on pc is a good idea for those players who want to play this amazing farming game on a big screen. Simply install this apk on pc via the Android emulator. You can use Bluestack as an emulator. You can learn more about the exact installation process later in the post.

Hay Day for PC Features

To learn more about the features in Hay Day pc read this carefully.


Plant the Crop

To progress in the game you’ve to sell something. When you sell, you get a number of coins or XP. Hence, you can utilize them to buy animals for your farm, products from other players or to buy decoration items. Planting the crops, harvesting them and finally selling the goods is a great idea to earn a lot of coins.

farm in hay day

Once you unlock the trees you can plant them. Now, wait until the plant grows. Plants usually take 16 hours to more than a day to be able to produce fruit. The apple tree is unlocked at level 15 and takes 16h to grow. Similarly, the Guava tree is unlocked at Level 104 and takes 1d and 10 hours. 

Now you can put these Goods in your shop and sell them in exchange for coins. An apple can be sold for 160 coins while Guava can get you 860 coins.


Trade Items

There are some tradeable areas in the game where you can buy or sell your products. A roadside shop is one of them. This is the building where you can place your crops, supplies and animal goods. You can set its selling price. The visitors then can buy the product they like but there is no guarantee whether the product get sold or not. 

The player can also buy items of his need from the market. The market contains a lot of products ranging from animals to decorations. All of these can be bought with coins, diamonds or vouchers. You can also store the decorations here if you do not want to use them.


Collect Currencies

Coins are one of the currencies and one of the vital parts to progress in the game. They are needed at every stage. Whether you want to unlock your achievement or the decoration. You can acquire them by playing the Hay Day. The more you participate in the game, the more you get the coins.

In Hay Day, Diamonds are the most valued currency. There is a number of things you can not do with the coins such as buying some of the decoration and customization options. It is where it’s used. Diamonds can also be used to make products such as diamond rings. It can then be sold for a huge number of coins.

selling products in roadside shop

There are some other currencies as well. These include vouchers, tokens and puzzle pieces. Vouchers can be found rare and difficult to obtain as compared to coins. You can buy some pets and decoration items using vouchers. The token is another unique currency that is acceptable at valley shop. Valley items can not be bought with coins or diamonds. Just like the valley shop items, sanctuary animals in Hay Day can only be unlocked with the puzzle pieces. So to unlock these animals you should obtain puzzle pieces.


Unlock Levels

When you first open the game, it starts with level 1. The approach is simple, play it and collect the 27 XP to move on to the next level. In every level, you have to collect the required XP to unlock the next level. The number of XP needed is displayed at the top of the screen.

This means a player has to go from start to end in a row. There is no possibility of skipping the level or playing your desired level. The later levels are more difficult and take more time to finish. However, if you choose to play in the Hay Day mod apk, you’ll not need to be bound to the game rules. It’ll be you who will be deciding which level you want to play.

Installation Process of Hay Day on Pc

By following these simple steps you would be able to install the Hay Day on your pc quickly:

  • Click on the above Download button to download the file. After it downloads, unzip the file.
  • Since apk files are meant for Android phones and it is not possible to install them on Pc you’ll need an Android emulator. Install the Bluestacks. The Bluestacks setup is included in the file.
  • Once you get the emulator. Open the apk file provided in Bluestacks.
  • As it gets installed, you’d be able to play Hay Day on pc.

Last Updated: May 5, 2024