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date icon Date Feb 19th, 2023

Hay Day is no doubt a popular farming game that is a source of entertainment and fun. The player becomes addicted to its graphics and gameplay. The story of Hay Day revolves around the farm. You are feeding farm animals, collecting products and selling them to visitors and via the shop. When you do this, you get a lot of coins and you keep progressing in the game.

hay day private server apk unlimited coins and diamonds

The Hay Day private server is somehow different from the original game. It has its own rules but the main theme of the game remains the same. You’ll get a lot of new customization options that do not exist in the game. And the opportunity to play in special events all by installing Hay Day private server iOS.

Hay Day Private Server Features

Now, Its time to explore some more features of the Hay Day private server:


Customized Difficulty

In the initial levels, Hay Day is not much difficult but as your level increases the game gets difficult. The game requires coins and diamonds. You need them to unlock the achievements, decorations and farm animals. It is no point in playing the game without the game currency. It is also difficult to find other currencies like vouchers in the game.

But if you play in Hay Day private server, you have difficulty customization in your hand. You can customize how you want to play the game. If you’re a newbie you can play the whole game in easy mode. But if you’re an already experienced player you can start the game with the extreme difficulty mode.


Custom Events

Events are a great way to get the reward 2x. There are two types of events normally; Normal and Global. However, sometimes there are also seasonal events like New Year. Events normally last up to one week. 

In normal events, you can get a 2x reward when you do fulfill truck or boat orders. The rewards include coins, diamonds, experience points, etc. While in Global events, players play in the community and achieve goals. The rewards earned in Global events can be diamonds, vouchers and supplies.

You can not participate in events until you reach a certain level. For playing in Normal events, your level must be 9 and it is the same for Global events. 

The private server includes exclusive role-playing events and community events. There is not any restriction for participation in terms of level. Any player with a low level can participate in the event.


Custom Content

The Hay Day has unique gameplay with its own farm, buildings, goods and animals. The game also comes with exclusive characters. There are customization and decoration options for the farm, truck and shop. 

The Hay Day also includes farm animals and pets. The farm animal includes Chicken, Cow or fish, etc. They help in some way in making the products. You can sell the products in exchange for the coins. The pets do not give this type of benefit but when you feed them, you get experience points.

The non-player characters have their own role. They need to be unlocked first. For example, Tom can help players find items and it is unlocked at level 14. Similarly, Greg sells items in his own shop. He also visits Roadside shops and can buy items as well. 

There is an addition of farm animals in the Hay Day private server. You may also get more customization and decoration items. 


Modified Mechanics

The Hay Day has its own rules and regulations for the gameplay. The player has to start the game at level 1. New levels are unlocked when required XP are collected. It is not possible to skip any level. 

The game has a unique reward system which includes coins, diamonds, vouchers and other currency. The player gets them in a specific amount when completing any task.

In the private server, you can skip the levels. You can play at your desired level. The reward system has also been altered in the game. It is customized based on the selected game difficulty.

Hay Day Private Sever iOS installation process

Let’s move on to the installation process of the private server. Without a doubt, It does not take much time and effort. It involves a few steps that you can quickly perform to get the Hay Day private server on your iPhone.

  • First of all, Download the file from the “download” button on the page.
  • When the file gets downloaded, simply install it.
  • However, Sometimes it asks the users to enable access for the “Unknown Source Installation”. You can do this by going to the setting and then finding “Install Unknown Apps”. Once you find the setting, go inside and enable it for your browser. After enabling it, you’d be able to install it.


Playing in the Hay Day game becomes challenging when you do not have enough coins. You need them to buy the animals, decorations and unlock achievements. Every step requires coins; in fact. The game keeps getting harder as you level up.

However, in this Hay Day private server iOS, you’ll get control over the coins, diamonds and other currency more than in the original game. You can even customize the difficulty of the game. You’ll get a chance to explore new decorations, farm animals and much more.

The installation process is very simple and quick. You’ll get the game on your mobile in no time. It is 100% working and virus free. You’ll really enjoy the game.


No, The Hay Day private server iOS does not require jailbreak. You have to simply download the file provided and then install it. Once installed, you would be able to play the game.

With the Hay Day mod apk, It is possible to get unlimited money. Not only money but diamonds, vouchers and Gift card.

We’ve made it secure to avoid an account ban. But it can be possible. Therefore, It is recommended to play with a separate account.

Last Updated: March 29, 2023