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date icon Date 2024-06-16

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Hay Day Gameplay

Hay Day is all about managing the farm, growing crops and making products. The products you make can be sold to the farm visitors and you earn rewards in the form of currencies. The ultimate goal is to earn XP to get to the next level. 

XP are the blue stars that are shown at the top of the screen. The amount of XP required to unlock a new level increases as you level up. When the player collects the required XP, the bar resets to 0 and the next level is unlocked. It also unlocks free rewards such as pets, decorations and other playable areas.

There are some non-player characters in Hay Day. They all have different roles. For example, Tom can help players in finding unlocked items like an axe or fruit crops. When he founds items, he’ll give an offer to you to purchase the item. You can purchase with coins. Similarly, there are town visitors that come to the town. You can send them to your buildings. They may demand a specific product and you can serve them. Serving visitors can help you earn rewards.

Comparison Hay Day MOD VS Hay Day

FeaturesHay Day MODHay Day
Levels UnlockedTickCross
Unlimited CoinsTickCross
Unlimited DiamondsTickCross
Unlimited VouchersTickCross
Unlimited TokensTickCross
Unlimited Gift CardsTickCross
Unlimited Puzzle PiecesTickCross
Hay Day Mod Apk

Hay Day Mod Features

The Mod version of Hay Day comes with unlimited currencies that you can utilize to enjoy more in the game. After installing this mod apk, you no longer have to wait for items to be unlocked, collect diamonds & coins and much more.

We have tried and tested this mod apk before publishing it here. So it is 100% working and virus free. You can install it without worrying about its functioning and your mobile security.

Below we discuss in detail each currency in Hay Day and how you’ll find it in this mod apk.


Unlimited Coins

In Hay Day, coins are one of the currencies in which buying and selling is done. Since a farmer needs to purchase animals for the farm, houses for them and production machines for producing bread, cream, brown sugar and cookies. The Bread is made in a bakery while the cream is made in a dairy. These are all machines that cost coins. For example, the bread production machine costs 20 coins and the dairy machine costs 50 coins. So in order to progress in the game, coins are needed.

To have the coins, a player can either collect them by doing the game tasks or with real money. The task includes:

  • Doing boat, truck and town orders (This means supplying goods in exchange for coins)
  • Selling your farm products to the town visitors or at your roadside shops. (Selling at the shop gets you more coins than visitors).
  • Spinning the wheel of fortune. (The truck comes to your farm daily at 12 AM. This one is unlocked at level 8). In case you miss it, diamonds can be used in buying the wheel.
  • Tapping on Tom’s ballon. (Tom releases the balloon for 10 minutes, you can tap on the balloon to pop it to receive the coins).

To permanently remove your concerns about coins, you can try playing the hay day mod apk.


Unlimited Diamonds

Hay Day unlimited diamonds

Diamond is the prime currency but somehow different from the coins. Diamonds can be used in some places instead of coins. They have more value as compared to coins. But these can not be used in all places. For example, Some Customization can be bought with coins and some with diamonds.

Customization means buying available options to improve the farmhouse, truck and roadside shops. There are a number of customization options available. To improve the farm, you can buy the roof, walls and porch. Truck customization includes options to maintain the cabin, the trailer or the wheel. Similarly, you can buy the awning, the crates and the base of the shop.

Just like customization, you can make diamond rings and mystery nets with diamonds. Each diamond ring gives 98 XP which means you can speed up your progress and unlock new levels in the game. You can also sell the diamond to visiting customers in the gift shop in exchange for coins.

To acquire diamonds, a number of efforts can be done from catching the fish to popping the tom’s ballon. Completing the achievements will get you the highest diamonds, 477 in total. But it requires more time. Catching fish is also a good one to try. However, diamonds can also be bought with real money. Diamonds cost more money than coins. I remember last year, the stress of these methods led my friend to eat two wrap of the day of McDonald’s costing him $7.

Therefore, you should install this mod apk file, you no longer have to worry this much about collecting diamonds because you’ll get them unlimited. Then you can buy as many customization options as many you want.


Unlimited Gift Cards

Gift cards can be used to buy mystery boxes from the catalog. Mystery boxes are red in colour and include prizes. The prizes can be in the form of coins, diamonds or boosters. The type of prize also depends on the type of mystery box. There are 3 varieties of mystery boxes. Tool, Treasure and Seasonal gift boxes. They are found randomly in the towns or in farms. When found you simply tap on it to unlock it. Some of the boxes even cost 5 diamonds to get unlocked. 

Finding and collecting the mystery boxes manually in the game is not a good idea for those who want to quickly move forward. Because it takes a lot of time to collect mystery boxes. So it is quite reasonable to spend Gift Cards on mystery boxes.

To get the Gift Card, you have to help other farmers in fulfilling their boat orders, truck orders or serving the visitors in the town. You can also get a Gift Card by reviving others’ trees. 

Reviving trees is very simple. Go to the farm and tap on fainting flora to give the tree another life. Now, the farm owner will send you a thank you letter and you’ll receive it via your mailbox. Most of the farm owners send Gift Cards as well with the thank you note.

What if you can avoid all this struggle of collecting the gift card? Yes, you can. In this mod apk, unlimited Gift Cards are included already.


Unlimited Vouchers

hay day vouchers

Voucher is another currency in Hay Day. Just like diamonds and Gift Cards, It is not such important as coins but there are some things you cannot do without vouchers. However, they cannot directly affect the progress of the game.

Mostly, vouchers are used to buy pets and decorations. Pets or animals are the main part of the game. You have to buy animals to run your farm. Otherwise, you can not get the XP or move to the next level. The decoration is also a great addon to the farm and town. There are a lot of decoration items available. They can be a farm shelter, a shop’s base or a truck wheel. These vouchers also come in handy for making fishing lures. A lure is a product or fishing gear that a player can make to catch fish. A voucher is a compulsory ingredient in making lures.

There is a number of ways to get the vouchers. You can:

  • Complete truck orders and boat orders
  • Spinning the wheel of fortune
  • Unlocking the mystery boxes
  • From town visitors
  • Participating in derby contest (horse race)
  • Participating in the global events
  • Leveling up
  • Daily Rewards
  • Buying Vouchers in exchange for the diamonds

There is another type of voucher, chicken vouchers. Their usage is the same as the normal vouchers. You can find them on Farm Pass Road. It means you can collect them from the road. The free farm pass also includes Chick vouchers. But if you buy a premium farm pass, you’ll get access to the top part of the road hence more rewards.

It is important to note that you can’t sell your vouchers in exchange for diamonds or any other currency. Only animals and other things can be bought.
There are an unlimited amount of vouchers in the Hay Day mod apk so you’ll never have a shortage of both the normal vouchers and the Chicken ones.


Unlimited Tokens

A token is the currency of the valley. Valley is unlocked only in a particular season that can last 21 days. The valley is a completely different area. When you join the valley, there are delivery requests which you can fulfill to earn tokens. This means there are a lot of other players in the valley just like you, 60 to be precise. 

When you earn tokens, you can use them to buy valuable items from the valley shop. There are two stores in the valley. In the normal store, items like supplies, boosters and decorations can be bought. While from the Seasonal store you can buy anything from the 3 special items. The seasonal store is more expensive. You should have tokens in thousands to purchase an item from the store.

hay day valley shop

Do not worry, The mod apk has limitless tokens that you’ll be able to use to do as much shopping from the valley as you want.


Unlimited Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces are required to unlock the animals at the sanctuary. The sanctuary is a special area that is different from the farm. This area has wild animals such as giraffes, hippos, elephants and zebras. When you collect all the pieces of one animal then that animal can be unlocked. One animal requires 36 puzzle pieces to be unlocked.

These sanctuary animals cannot be bought with diamonds and coins. This means that these animals can be unlocked with puzzle pieces only. It is often complicated to find puzzle pieces. These are some of the ways to collect puzzle pieces in hay day:

  • Complete boat orders
  • Collect XP and get Puzzle pieces when leveled up
  • Try spinning the wheel of fortune
  • Farm pass road
  • Participate and win the derby
  • Join the valley season
  • Finding them in mystery boxes
  • Find them on Greg’s farm

 When animals are unlocked, they’re mostly in their pet houses. The goal is to feed these animals. By feeding these animals, you’ll get XP to unlock the different levels in the game. To conclude, it is essential to have the puzzle pieces so that you can unlock the animals and then complete the next process. But with this Hay Day mod apk, you can unlock all animals using the puzzle pieces it already has.


All Levels Unlocked

Every player has to start the game from the beginning. All levels are locked initially and the next one gets unlocked when you get the required XP for the next one. You can’t skip any level. It starts at level 1 and ends at level 800. A lot of time and effort is involved in reaching the final level of the game.

As told, there’re 800 levels in Hay Day. The game gets difficult when the level increases. At the beginning, when you unlock a new level you get a number of items such as decorations, animals, fields and currencies. After level 111, only fields and diamonds are given. It means the later levels will take more time and effort to complete. You’ll have to buy all the prerequisites from your own wallet.

However, there are some tricks that you can apply to earn more XP. As a result you can level up faster. If you’re a low-level player then you can try fulfilling truck or boat orders. It will help you get a lot of XP. You can also plant the wheat crop on your farm. It takes no time to grow and gives you enough XP.
If you’re not that hard-working person or maybe you don’t have time or you can’t wait to see new things. Simply, install this Hay Day mod apk and play your desired level.

Hay Day Mod Apk Installation

To install the game, first, download the apk file from this page. When the file gets downloaded, you can follow these steps to get it installed:

  • Click on the file you downloaded. (You can access the file in the downloads of your browser or in file manager.)
  • The game will start installing when once you click on Install.
  • Please do not forget to allow Unknown source installation from the settings of the phone. Otherwise, it will not install.

Here is the installation guide infographic you can follow:

Hay Day Mod apk Installation guide
Hay Day Mod Apk Installation Guide


Yes, you can download Hay Day mod apk from this website. It contains unlimited currency and all levels unlocked. You no longer need to worry about coins and diamonds or the next level you want to play.

There are a lot of ways to get unlimited money in Hay Day. Some may advise you to play daily while others will suggest you to apply some tricks. However, the only method to get unlimited money is to install Hay Day mod apk.

Diamonds are rarely found and difficult to acquire. If you want to get rid of this struggle simply install the Hay Day mod apk.

Last Updated: June 26, 2024