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How to Get Vouchers in Hay Day?

Last Updated: March 20, 2023

Vouchers is one of the currency in Hay Day. It is unlocked at level 20. Vouchers are used to buy some decorations, pet animals and to make fishing lures. These items can not be bought with any other currency.

how to get vouchers in hay day

In Hay Day, there are vouchers of 4 types. Green, blue, purple and golden. Green is the easiest to find while golden is among the rarest. Their worth in the game is also in the same order. You can also buy vouchers with diamonds.

8 ways to get vouchers in Hay Day

Here are the 8 ways to get vouchers in Hay Day fast.

1. Get vouchers by completing truck orders

The most efficient way to acquire vouchers is by completing truck orders. Not all truck orders can give vouchers, but smelters and jewelry products can. The requested items can be a bracelet, necklace, or maybe refined coal (a product used to make jewelry items).

You can usually find jewelry product requests on a green paper board that indicates you will receive a voucher if you complete the truck order. In other words, you should have produced jewelry in the production building. Aside from that, you will need help from neighbors, Tom, or you will have to buy the product, which will cost coins.

2. Get vouchers by completing cargo orders

By completing boat orders, players can also get vouchers. In fact, it is the second most effective way to obtain vouchers. The boat arrives at the front of the dock, which is located near the farm. The boat stays here for almost 16 hours giving you enough time to collect the requested items. You can also view the item list prior to boat arrival.

The requested items are usually crops and products that can be grown in the field. This can be wheat, corn, and anything made in production buildings. The requested items also vary based on the level of the game.

There is also a tip for you. Fill out the boat crates before shipment time up. This increases the possibility of getting vouchers. Giving you a higher chance of getting vouchers.

3. Get vouchers by serving sanctuary visitors

The town visitors who arrive by EGGspress train wish to visit the sanctuary animals at the end of their stay in the town. You should keep an eye on the town visitors at the town hall. If you find paw prints on a visitor, it means he wants to see a specific animal in the sanctuary. 

zebra sanctuary animal in hay day

When the visitor arrives, he sees the animal, makes a comment, then leaves a gift in the form of a voucher next to the book stand. In order to serve the visitor, you must have the animal unlocked. Otherwise, the visitor will not be served and you’ll not get a reward.

4. Get vouchers by spinning the wheel of fortune

Spinning the wheel of fortune is the only free method to get vouchers. All others cost money. That is why it is suitable for almost all levels of players. It does not matter whether you have produced anything or not or whether you have any coins or not.

Just wait for the truck wheel to come into your farm at 12:00 AM. You’ll get one free spin. Rotate the wheel in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction and hope that it’ll land on any voucher. In the majority of cases, the spin contains all types of vouchers, so there is a high possibility of getting vouchers, but it cannot be guaranteed.

5. Get vouchers from Mystery Boxes

Getting vouchers from mystery boxes is super simple. There is not always a voucher reward. But it is more powerful than derbies. Mystery boxes are of 3 types; an ordinary box which is the smallest in size, then there is a big box and then a huge box.

mystery box in hay day

Mystery boxes are usually found on other players’ farms. You can’t open more than two boxes in a single day for free otherwise you have to spend diamonds. Ordinary mystery boxes contain green vouchers, but big, huge boxes contain golden ones.

6. Get vouchers by participating in the derby

Derby is another effective way to get vouchers. Participate in the derby and complete the task before your neighbors. If you fall between the top 3 positions, you have a higher chance of getting vouchers. Also, the voucher’s reward is determined by the Derby League.

Participating in the derby also gives you the most valuable voucher, the golden voucher.

7. Get vouchers by watching night at the movie

This one is a pink-colored ticket located near the mailbox with “Admit One” written on it. Through the movie night feature, players can win random prizes by watching video advertisements. It tells you the type of reward before you watch the ad. So you know whether you get a voucher or not.

8. Get vouchers by spending your diamonds

Vouchers can also be bought with diamonds. I personally do not use this often. I love spending my diamonds on customizations. This was just a side note.

  1. The green voucher costs 15 diamonds
  2. The blue voucher costs 30 diamonds.
  3. The purple voucher costs 50 diamonds
  4. The golden voucher costs 80 diamonds.

But I think there is no need to invest in diamonds just for the sake of vouchers. There are many other ways to get vouchers in hay day which I explained to you above. You can even try Hay Day mod apk.

How to get Chick Vouchers in Hay Day?

Chicken vouchers are mostly found on farm pass road. So you have to buy a farm pass to collect the chick vouchers. You may also get chick vouchers from boat orders or treasure chests.

You can spend chick vouchers to purchase special animals like peacocks, horses etc.

some animals that can be bought with chick vouchers in hay day
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