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How to Level Up Fast in Hay Day – 6 Quick Ways

Last Updated: March 20, 2023

Hay Day is such a popular game that 4 million players play it every single day. Each player wants to explore and enjoy the game to the fullest extent.

To be honest, it is not possible to experience the whole game without leveling up. There are a lot of animals, land and expansions locked in the earlier levels.

how to level up fast in hay day

To level up fast, you must collect the required experience points for your current level. For example, when you’re at level 1, you need 27 XP to unlock the next level. When the next level is unlocked you get coins, field crops or animal goods as a reward. A lot of game features also get unlocked such as the wheel of fortune, visitors or a roadside shop. 

For your information, experience points or stars are displayed at the top of the screen. The bar shows how many points are needed to reach the next level. You can also view the next level unlocks by tapping on the blue star.

Tips to Level Up Really Fast in Hay Day

These are some of the best ways to level up quickly:

1. Harvest the crops

Harvesting crops is the most profitable method to acquire a lot of XP and to level up fast. Crops like wheat do not take much time to grow and are unlocked at the initial level. That is why it is the most rewarding way to get XP. All you need to do is plant wheat, wait for it to grow, and harvest it. When harvested you will receive XP.

Harvest Crop in Hay Day

Another way to collect XP is to harvest fruits. The olive tree is the most profitable fruit crop. You can plant it, wait for it to grow, and harvest it to collect XP. One of its cons is that it is unlocked at level 57. If you’re at an earlier level, you can try planting an apple tree which is also quite profitable.

2. Collect animal goods

To level up faster, you can also try collecting goods from farm animals. Animals should be bought before they produce goods. At the required level, the animal becomes unlocked and can be bought from the shop.

For XP, feed the animal and pick up the goods. If you’re at an earlier level you can feed the chicken which is already unlocked. After every 20 minutes, collect an egg and earn 2 XP. In fact, collecting eggs is one of the most effective ways to gain XP.

3. Complete Truck and Boat Orders

By fulfilling item requests, you can complete truck and boat orders. The requests are displayed on the order board. It is located near the farmhouse. When tapped, the item request appears on the paper. You can send your own products or take help from other players. When the truck returns you’ll get a lot of coins and XP.

boat orders hay day

It is also recommended to fulfill only those orders that can get you maximum reward. Alternatively, you can sell these products in roadside shops since they can make you more money. There are also truck and boat events in the game. You can get double rewards on event days. So keep an eye on them too.

4. Serving visitors

Another effective way to get XP is to serve town visitors. Visitors arrive in town and you have to send them into one of the buildings. They may ask for several items inside the building. By giving them what they ask you can fully serve them. Later you’ll receive a thank you letter and a lot of experience points.

Additionally, you can sell products to visitors in exchange for XP. Visitors come to the town and ask for specific products, such as wheat, bread, or cream. Giving them the product they want can help you get 5 XP. There are also visitor events in Hay Day where you can earn double the amount of XP. Prepare your products ahead of time and keep them for the event.

5. Rescue trees and bushes

You can also level up faster by restoring other farmers’ trees and bushes. First of all, you need to find these trees. There may be an exclamation mark on trees that need help. Once you tap the mark, the tree will be saved and you will receive your reward. The reward can be anywhere from 5 to 20 XP depending on the tree. Fruit trees usually give more experience points.

Revive trees in Hay Day

6. Make Products in the Production Building

It is also possible to get a lot of XP by making products in production buildings. These machines can be unlocked at a certain level. Once you reach that level you can buy them. After that you can start manufacturing products. 

It is critical to note that you need the necessary materials to make the product. When you place these materials in the machine, production will begin. Production time depends on the type of product. To make bread, you’ll need 3 wheat units and 5 minutes. You will receive 3 XP when bread is produced.


There are a lot of ways to level up fast in Hay Day. The most effective way is to harvest crops and collect animal goods. Try doing truck and boat orders if you’re at an earlier level. Similarly, serving visitors, reviving trees, and making products in production buildings are also helpful ways to level up faster. Alternatively, you can try the Hay Day mod apk on your Android where levels have already been unlocked.

It is also not a wise idea to only focus on getting XP and leveling up fast. In fact, if you neglect other activities in the game, you will end up with fewer coins, which will prevent your game from functioning.

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