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How to Get Diamonds in Hay Day?

Last Updated: March 20, 2023

Diamonds are the most valuable currency in Hay Day. There are a lot of things that can only be done with diamonds such as getting an additional spin on the wheel of fortune. Diamonds can also speed up your game by skipping the waiting times for many activities.

How to Get free Diamonds in Hay Day

Maybe you have seen thousands of Diamonds in a player’s account and want some for yourself? If so, then you’re at the right place. I am going to show you 6 free ways to acquire diamonds, and I will show you how to use them affectionately at the end.

6 Ways to Get Free Diamonds in Hay Day

Here are some ways you can get free Diamonds in Hay Day.

1. Valley Shop

Valley Shop is one of the most reliable ways to get diamonds. As we all know, tokens are the currency of the valley. So you can buy diamonds in exchange for tokens. With 3400 different tokens, 40 diamonds can be bought.

buying diamonds from valley shop

For a low-level player, buying diamonds is highly beneficial. My recommendation would be to stop spending money on decorations, since they are not very useful. By following this advice, you can improve your performance.

2. Leveling Up

I always say that the more you play the game, the more rewards you’ll receive. The same applies to diamonds. 

Diamonds are given to players as a reward when they unlock a new level. The amount of diamonds you get is determined by the level you are at. For example, if you unlock level 53, you will receive 5 diamonds. Likewise, reaching level 76 will grant you 10 diamonds.

Level Up to get diamonds

To level up, you need a certain number of experience points. Harvest wheat, collect animal goods and complete truck orders to get more XP and level up fast.

3. Updating Hay Day

There are several updates, maintenance, or server errors on Hay Day. These things are really irritating for players. So the Hay Day Team gives a reward for an apology. Up to 5 diamonds can be awarded.

In addition, players receive diamonds when the Hay Day Facebook fan page gets a certain number of likes. They are currently at 13.7M likes, and will reward 14 diamonds when they reach 14M likes.

4. Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes are red boxes placed on the player’s farm. The box contains coins, diamonds and other rewards. Also, the type of reward depends on the type of mystery box. 

If you open a small-sized box, you’ll get 5 diamonds. The huge mystery box contains 25 diamonds. It is also to be noted that opening the boxes also costs diamonds. However, you can open two mystery boxes a day for free.

Finding Treasure chests and opening them also gives you a chance to win free diamonds. Treasure chests can be collected from the water. There are 8 diamonds inside the treasure chest.

5. Global Events

Participating in Global events can help you grab a lot of free diamonds. There are a lot of events such as help events, boat or truck delivery events and town visitor events. Every event is announced timely so that players can participate. News of upcoming events is shared in the notification or inbox section of the game.

These events usually last 2 to 4 days. Each participant is given 5 goals. At the completion of each goal, a reward is awarded, mostly in the form of diamonds. At the end of the event, a contribution reward in the form of diamonds is presented to each participant. You still get diamonds even if you don’t accomplish all the goals.

Contribution reward in Global Event

6. Mystery Packages

The other way to get diamonds is by buying mystery packages from the gift catalogue. However, you will need to use your gift cards here. When you buy a package, Alfred delivers it and when you open it, diamonds may be inside.

  1. The small mystery package costs 10 Gift cards and you can win 5 Diamonds
  2. The medium mystery package costs 20 Gift cards and you can win 10 Diamonds
  3. With the Large mystery package, you can win 15 Diamonds for 30 Gift Cards. 
buying mystery packages to get diamonds

5 Effective Uses of Diamonds in Hay Day

1. Buying slots for machines to keep production running should always be a priority. I spend most of my diamonds buying slots for production machines like sugar machines and sauce makers.

2. Spend diamonds on slots for Net Maker and Lure Workbench to make fishing nets and lures. These are highly valuable products that can give you a lot of experience points, and you can sell them at a higher price.

3. One of the most effective places to spend diamonds is opening roadside shop boxes. As a result, you have more space to display your products. Thus, your products get sold and you get rid of them quickly.

4. It is also recommended to spend diamonds on Tom. With it, you can find rare products that you can then sell to earn profits.

5. Similarly, you can also spend diamonds on Rose. She is a farm helper. You can assign her tasks such as collecting eggs and milk from farm animals.

Do not Spend Diamonds On

1. You shouldn’t spend a single diamond on items that don’t give you permanent benefits, like decoration items. Spending diamonds on decoration items is just a waste, in my opinion.

2. Similarly, do not spend diamonds on Maggie. It’s pointless until you reach a higher level. She does customizations that are worthless.

Let me mention one last thing. You can get unlimited diamonds with Hay Day mod apk and its totally free.

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