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How to Get Land Deeds in Hay Day? 7 Ways

Last Updated: March 20, 2023

Land deeds in Hay Day are items you can use to expand the size of your town, fishing lake, or farm. So you have more area to plant crops. Land deeds are unlocked at level 22 and are found very rarely. If you have a lot, you can sell them or store them in the storage building.

how to get land deeds in hay day

Whenever you do anything, you have a chance of receiving land deeds as a reward. But harvesting wheat and collecting animals is the most efficient way to get land deeds. Now, let’s discuss all the possible ways to get land deeds in Hay Day. 

Best methods to get land deed in Hay Day

I have listed 10 ways to collect land deeds. Starting with the most efficient to the least efficient.

1. Buy with Coins & Diamonds

Coins and diamonds in Hay Day

The fastest way to get land deeds is to buy them with diamonds and coins. A single deed can cost anywhere from 1 to 403 coins. However, you can get a packet of deeds with 12 diamonds. This approach is suitable for those who have a lot of currency but those who do not have enough coins and diamonds can try the methods below. They can also try Hay Day mod apk.

2. Harvesting wheat

You can also get land deeds as a reward for harvesting crops. There are a number of crops that you can plant and harvest. Most of them are time-consuming and locked at the beginning.

So it is recommended to plant wheat, give it time to grow, and then harvest it. It will increase your experience points and as a result your level increases. When you are promoted to the next level, you will get a chance to get land deeds as promotion rewards.

3. Collecting Products and Goods

Products are the items that are produced in production machines. In total, there are 289 products in the game. These products include bread, chicken feed and cream at early levels. You can sell these products in your roadside shop or via truck, town or boat orders. By selling you can earn XP and eventually get land deeds.

Animal goods are products that can be collected from farm animals. You should have that animal on the farm, and the animal should be fed before collecting the item. The items include eggs from chicken, milk from cow and bacon from the pig. You can either sell directly or make products. You earn experience points by selling products.

4. Removing dead trees and bushes

Cutting down trees in hay day with axe

Trees after multiple harvests become dead and need to be cut down. Otherwise, they fill up space with no benefit to the farm owner. When trees are alive, they are green. But when they die or need to be revived, their colour changes to brown. When tapping on the tree, an axe or saw symbol will appear. By tapping, the trees will be cut down.

Before cutting down the tree, the player must find the tree on his own farm or another player’s farm. Both ways you get rewards.

5. Waking up and feeding your pet animals

The pet animals can give you supplies like land deeds, mallets, map pieces and more by waking them up and feeding them. There are a lot of pets like dogs, cats and horses. Most of these animals live in their houses. When you wake them up and feed them, you can get rewards in the form of land deeds.

In the shop, you can purchase a horse and stables. Horses eat carrots and then fall asleep. You can wake him up and receive rewards. You can repeat this practice every day.

6. Collecting mystery boxes and treasure chest

Mystery box in Hay Day

Mystery boxes are no doubt difficult to find but can help you get supplies. Mystery boxes are red boxes and are of three types: ordinary, big and a huge box. All of these are beneficial. Mystery boxes and treasure boxes are similar, but treasure boxes are found in the sea. 

You cannot open more than two boxes in a single day. Otherwise, you must use diamonds to open them. To claim a free open close the game and wait 7-8 hours.

7. Purchasing land deeds

Land deeds can also be purchased from other players. You can buy land deeds from roadside shops by looking for them in newspapers. Players usually advertise in newspapers. Another way is to find a high level player in your friend circle or social media and ask for help. You can also participate in the Hay Day community and request land deeds.

8. Watching the advertisement.

You can also try watching advertisements. This is a special feature in hay day. When you watch video ads completely, you get rewards. Rewards can be land deeds, mallets, axes or vouchers. This feature is also known as a daily reward. This is a pink ticket located near the mailbox.

9. Serving town visitors

Hay Day serving town visitors

Town visitors are the game characters that visit the player’s farm to buy services in the production building. They may choose the building they want to proceed to. Inside the building, they may ask for a specific product. You should provide them with that product in order to fully serve them. In return, they leave a thank you note and a reward for the town owner.

10. Participating in the derby

Participating in a derby with other friends is also a convenient way to get land deeds. You can complete tasks before other neighbourhoods and earn plenty of rewards, ranging from XP to land deeds. To claim a higher level of derby reward you must reach the horseshoe in first place. 

Derby rewards contain supplies, vouchers or puzzle pieces. If you do not like the reward, you can choose another item.

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