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How to Get Saws in Hay Day?

Last Updated: March 20, 2023

In Hay Day, trees become dead after multiple harvests. If they are not cut down, they take up a lot of space with no benefit. A saw is one of the supplies that is used to cut down dead trees on a farm or town. A saw is essential to properly manage a farm.

How to Get Saws in Hay Day fast

Saws can be obtained by harvesting crops, serving town visitors, and spinning the wheel of fortune. If you want to acquire saws in Hay Day quickly, you need to spend more time playing the game. The more you play the game, the more chances you have of getting saws.

Best method to get saw in Hay Day

Here are some of the best methods to get saws in Hay Day.

1. Hire the tom

Tom in Hay Day

Tom is a character in Hay Day who can provide you with services in exchange for diamonds. You can ask him to find you saws and axes. But make sure you are at level 14 to unlock him. Tom also works free for three days when unlocked.

Tom can only find you a saw in an hour then he needs to rest for 2 hours. You also have to spend diamonds. The most effective use of Tom could be when you do not have to spend diamonds.

This is only possible with Tom Boosters, which can be found in a variety of places including mystery boxes and the wheel of fortune. When you activate the booster, you’ll get 13 hours of free Tom service. And in 13 hours, Tom can help you find many saws.

2. Find them in Daily dirt

You can look up the saws in newspaper ads and then buy them by heading to the player’s roadside shops. You can find the newspaper by clicking on the mailbox on the farm. You will see a lot of advertisements here. The newspaper versions change very quickly.

Because saws are quite popular, you should quickly find the saw in the paper and purchase it. Otherwise someone else could see that same advertisement and buy the item. You can try finding saws in Daily Dirt late at night when less people are playing the game. A single saw can cost you from 1 to 50 coins. They are not much expensive.

3. Do a lot of Wheating

Harvesting crop in Hay Day

Wheat produces very quickly, so you can harvest it right away. That’s why I recommend wheat for the purpose of getting saws. Now, repeat the same process again and again. You will receive items whenever you harvest wheat.

This means there will be a lot of opportunities for saws and other supplies. In addition to supplies, it will help you earn experience points, allowing you to level up faster.

The coolest part about the wheat crop is that it is unlocked at the first level. So everyone can execute this plan.

4. Fully serve the town visitors

According to my experience, the best way to get saws in Hay Day is to serve visitors. Serving visitors that visit your town can also give you a chance to get saws. The visitors will leave you a thank you letter with a reward if they are satisfied. The reward includes saws and other supplies.

Visitors sometimes visit sanctuary animals as well. If they like the animal, they’ll give it to you in the form of saws and axes because they know how much you need them.

5. Waking up pets

After a few hours, your farm’s pets sleep in their shelters. It is simply a matter of waking them up and collecting various tools and saws. By feeding the animals, you also get saws.

Every six hours, pets sleep in their shelters. While the dog falls asleep within an hour. It means you can apply this process multiple times in a day and it is really helpful in getting saws.

6. Requesting to neighbours

Saws request in Hay Day

In Hay Day, you can also get saws by exchanging another item with your neighbors. But you have to give an item to get the saw since you’re exchanging.

You can also ask your neighbours for saws. You can ask them to donate the saws. You can request up to 3 saws. After they accept your request, the request gets completed and you’ll receive the saws.

7. Finding them in other place

Saws can also be found in mystery boxes. You only have to find the mystery box, but these are found randomly. A huge mystery box usually contains saws, axes, and other supplies. However, it depends entirely on your luck, since you can get diamonds and other items from mystery boxes. Saws are found very rarely.

Treasure chests are another way to get saws. These are found in the town lake. It costs 5 diamonds to open. But there is good news as you can check the likelihood of winning before spending the diamonds.

Then there are some global events that you can play and fulfil the goal to get saws.

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