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How to Use Expansion Permit in Hay Day?

Last Updated: March 20, 2023

As the name suggests, expansion permits are used to expand special areas on the farm. Unlike land deeds and mallets, these cannot be bought. Therefore, it is a must to collect them.

How to get Expansion Permits in Hay Day

There are 50 farm plots that are locked and require an expansion permit. To unlock all of them, you need to collect 643 permits. Once you unlock all the plots, you will no longer need a permit. To see how much you have left, tap the level star, a popup will appear which shows your remaining amount.

Using Expansion Permits

Expansion Permits, the white paper with red ribbon, are required to unlock special farmland in Hay Day.

It’s critical to note that expansion permits are used in conjunction with land deeds, mallets, and marker stakes. If for example, you do not have land deeds in the required amount, then you must get land deeds. Otherwise you’d not be able to unlock the plot regardless of having Expansion Permits.

Step 1: To unlock the land in the farm, tap on the land just like this:

unlocking land with expansion permit

Step 2: A popup will appear which will show you the required expansion permits and other supplies. These are different for every plot.

Supplies needed to expand farm

Step 3: Once you have all the supplies in the required amount, simply tap on the tick button and the land will unlock.

How to Acquire Expansion permits?

One must note that expansion permits are difficult to obtain and there is no easy way to obtain an expansion permit. If you open mystery boxes, spin the wheel of fortune, etc., you have a chance of getting permits. Let’s discuss a few of the ways in detail:

1. Derby

In my experience, Derby is the best place to get expansion permits. You do not necessarily have to win the competition.

After the Derby ends, you can choose any 8 rewards based on your needs. So from there you can claim a lot of permits, but there is always a limit.

2. Wheel of fortune

When you spin the wheel in Hay Day, you have a chance to win expansion permits. Before spinning the wheel, you can even see what you’re most likely to win today.

Winning expansion permit in wheel of fortune
I won an expansion permit yesterday spinning the wheel

The good news is that the first spin is free, but you have to be in the game before the truck arrives.

3. Huge Boxes

As you know, Mystery boxes come in 3 sizes. All of them contain rewards, but expansion permits are only found in the Huge Mystery Box. From the farm, you can get this box.

There is also a treasure chest in the game just like a Mystery box. Permits are also present inside the treasure chests. These chests are found in the town’s lake. Before opening, the chest displays the reward you’ll get.

4. Valley Shop

The expansion permit can be obtained at the valley shop. The cost of one permit is 850 divided into all 3 types of vouchers. It is pertinent to note that expansion permits are not always available in the valley, so it is not a viable option.

Permits in Valley Shop

So if you do not have enough vouchers you can read our voucher guide.

5. Boat Events

There will be a boat event where you have to ship 5 boats. Every boat order will give you an expansion permit.

So you can get 5 expansion permits from the boat event. For this, keep an eye on the event board or the news section of the game.

Few tips

1. At the beginning of your game, I recommend expanding the left side of the farm first since it does not require an expansion permit. Once your level is higher, you’ll have permits, so you’ll be able to expand the remaining area of the farm more easily.

2. Expansion permits are rare in the game. You would have a hard time finding them. The only way is to play the game more frequently.

3. If you choose to play in Hay Day mod apk, you do not need to collect expansion permits since all the plots are already unlocked.

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